In happy news, I’m still gainfully employed by the DoD, which was obviously a bit of a concern.  The only good thing that would have come out of a government shutdown would be the fact I was going to work on my WiP, but I’ll take the steady paycheck, thanks *G*.

Upon reviewing the # of books out there with the title Kiss Me Deadly, decided to go with something else…Shoot to Thrill.  Heard it on the radio and thought it was kismet.  I’m 46K deep now, and am hoping to produce 1K/day for at least the next two-three weeks to get the first draft complete.  Over the last week I did first-round revisions (even though the first round wasn’t done yet), and  found what had been holding me up.  Are you ready?  I didn’t know what the heroine majored in in college.  Goofy?  Maybe, but what made it even sillier was the fact that as soon as I figured it out consciously, I found all the places  where I’d been manifesting it through her actions and words.  Felt kinda goofy, to be honest!!

Anyway, that seems to have broken the block I’ve had, and I can see the book through to the end now.  Hopefully I’ll be telling you I’m done soon!