Yeah, this series is hella old, but it’s been something in my Netflix queue for a good long time, and just became available “instantly”.

As a whole, Jericho is a bit frustrating for me.  I LOVE the character growth, the revelations that come from each episode and the continuing story arc.  What I don’t like so much?  That they all look like Housewives or the men from Housewives.  Seriously.  Everyone is perfect, unless they’re supposed to be roughed up, and then they’re purple on a monumental scale.  In one episode I noticed that one of the women still had a French manicure, supposedly months after the world blows up.  Made me giggle a bit, to be honest.

Now, having said that, I am enjoying the series immensely.  For a major network, this story is taking risks I don’t normally associate with non-cable TV, and I look forward to each episode.  I’m almost through the first season and can’t wait to see where they go with it…especially as I wait for Season 6 of Bones and Season 4 of Eureka…