Happy Easter, everyone! It was muy blucky  here today, so we went to brunch and then kind of lazed around. Part of that  was because we went into a backyard demolition frenzy yesterday, and got a  years-overgrown herb garden completely demo’d, refortified the existing dirt,  and then planted the beginnings of a new garden in addition to moving a bunch  of semi-large rocks in to border it (think too big to move by hand, but fits in  a wheelbarrow). Both kinda sore today, but it was that good kind of sore from  putting in physical labor, which neither of us gets much in our daily desk  jobs.

Colored eggs last night because  apparently we’re still ten years old at heart *G*, and I got Peeps this morning  in my Easter basket, so all is right in my world.

Also got 1500 words written today on  Shoot to Thrill, for a grand total of 4700 this week! That made me really  happy, since I haven’t had significant word count in quite a long time, so this definitely jazzed me up and got me back on track.

So how was YOUR Easter??