A slam-bang entry into the post-apocalyptic fray–and it’s not YA! That’s a big thrill for me since I just don’t seem to “get” YA.  The plot recap has been done to pieces already at Amazon and B&N, so instead I’ll focus on what worked for me (may contain spoilers).  Loved, loved, loved finding out which town Envy is in “our” world, and how Ware led us up to it.  The background of the world is perfectly drawn–in your face with no apologies and vivid as hell.  I had to giggle a bit over the “gangas” because every time I read it, I thought of marijuana <VBG>.  I enjoyed the two main characters, Jade & Elliott immensely, and had a wonderful time watching their relationship flourish.  I already bought the second book in the series and it’s next up on my reading list.  Don’t miss this exciting new world!!