I picked this one up as one of the DVD options from my Netflix account (would have preferred it to be streaming, but oh well).  I fully expected to love this show for three reasons.  First, Nathan Fillion.  Second, the baseline story sounded cute.  Third, Nathan Fillion.

Unfortunately, even Captain Mal couldn’t make this a winner for me.  I think it was actually the way the heroine’s character was written that made me “bleh” more than anything.  I guess I just never saw the chemistry even begin to bloom between Rick and Kate, even on a platonic basis.  Yeah, I’m basing my “what this should look/feel like” on Bones, but still.

So, should I give it another chance?  If it’d been available streaming, I’d continue to give it a try, but since I have to wait for the DVD, and it’s hoovering up another of my choices, not so much.