Merry Christmas to all! Friday, Dec 24 2010 

Taking a moment here while the hubster is at Mass to drop in and say Hi, and wish everyone a merry Christmas.

Been hella busy getting set up for the holiday, and doing a bit of writing.  I’ll be by myself for a few days next week, and my hope/plan is to finish the first draft on Kiss Me Deadly and get it out to my beta readers after the first of the year.  Cross fingers!

As a bit of the “year in review”, I weighed in before I started the holiday break, and lost ten pounds over the last year!  While not the twenty-five I’d set my goal as, I’ll take anything I can get, and now I’m resetting my goal for 2011 at twenty-five pounds.  We’ll see what happens…it took me 19 years of steady meals to gain the weight, so I don’t expect to lose it in a flash *G*.

Have a fabulous Christmas, and I’ll talk to you next week!


Lifestyle Goals… Friday, Mar 6 2009 


It’s been a month since the hubster and I decided on a total lifestyle change and quit worshipping the almighty tobacco.  He’s got a few weeks on me *g*, but all in all, we’ve suffered through the withdrawal symptoms together and come out stronger because of it.  Since we broke a MASSIVE habit, I decided to cut myself a little slack for awhile, but now it’s time to get back in the saddle and continue the good things I’m doing for my health.  Weighing in isn’t going to be so much of a priority for me, but rather getting myself back on the exercise horse, in addition to making sure I’m eating right.  Calorie counting and obsessive weight-watching can come later…say in May *g*.


These are goals I’m going to try and stick to through the month of March, then I’ll reassess and ramp up each goal a smidge and see if I want to add anything else.


On that note, I’m going to use Fridays as kind of a yardstick on how I’m doing to that end…  Soooo, first up is:


Walk at least three days a week—I figure by starting out lower, I’m more likely to actually do it, and maybe more

            Crunches four days a week—these are soooo easy to do when I get up in the morning, but it’s amazing how often I talk myself out of it

            60 ounces of water a day—this one should be reasonably easy to keep, since I drink a lot of water already, but I’m more interested in making sure I do it consistently


I actually started this whole gig this last week (2 March), so here’s my progress:


Monday:  crunches, 30 minutes walking (1.5% incline x 3.5 mph), 64 oz water

Tuesday:  crunches, 30 minutes walking (2% incline x 3.5 mph), 74 oz water

Wednesday: crunches, no workout, 70 oz water, afternoon minor surgery (nothing big, but will preclude workouts until next week)

Thursday:  80 oz water


As you can see, I hit a bit of a snag on Wednesday afternoon by having a minor surgery procedure that precludes me sweating a ton.  Nothing major, just enough to keep me off the treadmill/street, at least until Monday.

Biggest Loser Update Monday, Apr 14 2008 

So the brou ha ha at the base is over, but I’m still gonna be tracking how I’m doing on the gradual weight loss front.  Here’s how it looks:



Beginning Weight        235



7 January 2008           223.7 lbs

4 February 2008         213.4 lbs

3 March 2008              217.4 lbs

7 April 2008                 217.7 lbs


Net loss                       6 lbs


Goal for 2008              208


Since my goal is to lose 15 pounds for the entire year, I’m right on track.  Now that the weather is getting slowly nicer, I’m hoping to get outside and enjoy it, and maybe jumpstart a bit of weight loss that way.


My end goal is to get down to 185 pounds, but that’s an ideal I’m not sure I’ll ever achieve.  Not because it’s not possible, but because, at 6’ tall, that’s on the seriously lean side.  By that I mean that I’m wearing a size 16 now, and that would put me in the range of a 12, or even a 10, which might be too small for someone with my height and bone structure.


When I got married at 23, I was at 165, which was only one pound over the military minimum for joining!  Keep in mind that at that time I was a waitress, on my feet eight hours a day, and was a firefighter in my off time, so turn-and-burn activity was my norm.  For a 23-year-old, that was an awesome weight, but now I’m on the other side of 40, I’m looking more for reality *g*.

Biggest Loser is…ME! Monday, Feb 11 2008 

 So we did our first Biggest Loser weigh in last Monday and I lost 10 pounds last month!!  Wow, baby!  I was really surprised it was that much, especially since all I’ve been doing is watch what I’m eating.  Specifically, I’ve been having oatmeal for breakfast, Triscuits or carrots for a snack, Fiber One for lunch, and then whatever I like for dinner, with a glass of wine.  Apparently it’s working, although I think I’ll probably stabilize this month, since my body has acclimated to the whole fiber infusion thing.

Soooo, the breakdown looks like this:

  • 7 January 2008         223.7 lbs
  • 4 February 2008       213.4 lbs
  • 3 March 2008            ????

Triscuits…quite possibly the perfect food Thursday, Jan 24 2008 

So I signed up with three other chickies to do a Biggest Loser thing on the base, and we started last Monday.  As I do every year (at least for the past several), I take a few weeks to write down everything I’m eating (and drinking…I love my wine), so I can reprogram myself.  Not so much in calories, but in the actual content of what I’m eating…i.e., what percentage is fat, sugars, fiber, that sort of thing.

As usual, my fiber quotient is seriously lacking, and my protein is through the ceiling.   So I did a bit of ‘Net surfing, and found not one, but two answers to my problem…the first is Fiber One cereal for lunch.  Yeah, it looks like a bunch of twigs, but it actually tastes pretty damned good, especially if you’re not a regular cereal eater.  The second, tho, was a major breakthrough for me…Triscuits.  They’ve got a cracked pepper and olive oil version out now that’s quite simply FAB.  It’s got some protein, but just as much fiber, which is what I needed.  I’ve also been eating oatmeal for breakfast, and have one of those little baggies of carrots and some apples at my desk for when I want something sweet.

After my first week, I felt fabulous, and was drinking just as much, if not more water than I’d wanted to, so it’s a bennie in both areas.

I weighed in last Monday, and probly won’t again until sometime mid-week, so I’ll be posting my last weigh in.

1/7/08…223 lbs  (yeah, I gained 3 over the holidays–wine weight–which makes my net loss last year 12 lbs)

1/23/08…219 lbs (woohooo…I lost 4 pounds in two weeks!)

On the agent front, I had one reject, but still have four out there, one who has the first 100 pages of View, so until I hear from her, one way or the other, I’m holding tight, baby!