Thanksgiving Weekend overview… Monday, Nov 28 2011 

I was thinking how relaxing this long weekend was, until I realized everything we’d done.
Thursday: Rescued Max from the next door neighbor’s tree (he’s a housecat who still has his front claws; he gets all amped up racing around the backyard then finds himself up a tree with no idea how to get down). Luckily, it only took me and the hubster and a five-foot ladder.
Thursday: Decorated entire house for Christmas (we’d done the outside stuff last weekend when it was pretty outside), then cooked ham dinner. Note to self: Ham is good in concept, but not something that rocks my world after a year of not eating meat. Next year? BLTs!!
Friday: No early Black Friday shopping, but we did go out and about to pick up a few things we needed to finish decorating, then headed back and decorated the tree, then to Enid Lights up the Plains, our downtown tree-lighting/fireworks ceremony.
Saturday: went shopping for much-needed food, since we gave away the rest of our ham to the next door neighbors, then chilled and watched football (I actually wrote!!!!!!)

Sunday: Wrote, watched football and wondered where the heck the long weekend went as I spent two hours in the kitchen making this week’s soup (Tuscan Ribollito).

So how did your weekened go??


Awesome new book release–Dani Worth’s Kithra series! Tuesday, Nov 8 2011 

My friend Dani Worth’s AWESOME book releases at Samhain Publishing today!

This book is full of sci-fi goodness, with three main characters you’ll absoloutely adore!  Pick it up via Samhain or Amazon or any eBook retailer.

Random Thought…when did Headline News become TMZ?? Tuesday, Oct 18 2011 

Because that’s kind of what it reminded me of when I was on the elliptical trainer. Michael Jackson’s Doc’s trial all day long. Guess I’ve been out of the loop for too long…

Home, sweet home! Monday, Aug 22 2011 

We’re back, after our whirlwind tour of California.  Flew into Vegas, then drove to San Diego.  While we were there we had great catch-up time with the fam and got to do lots of fun stuff.  It was  VERY cool.  Then we drove up to Mariposa and spent time with my Mom.  Had lunch at the Ahwahnee (always have to revisit my old stomping grounds) and I still recognized 7 waiters!  That was a bit surprising to me, since it’s been 20 years since I’ve left, but it IS a great place to work…  Also had dinner at a new place for me called Savoury’s.  Quite possibly one of the best restaurant meals I’ve ever had (and that’s saying something, since I’m kind of a foodie), so if you’re ever in that area, I can’t recommend it enough.

Didn’t do much on the writing front but recharge.  Heck, I didn’t even read (gasp) except on the plane!  I did, however, get some quality time with my legal pad and worked my way through a problem I wrote myself into that I keep *thinking* I’ve fixed.

Back to work tomorrow (where I undoubtedly have over 1000 e-mails…sigh).  Hoping to start writing again either this week or next week.

Behind Blue Eyes now available in print!! Tuesday, Jul 5 2011 

I’m pleased as punch to announce that Behind Blue Eyes is now available in print through both the Samhain site and via Amazon.

Soooo, if you didn’t get this in “e” because you don’t have a reader, then now y0u’re set *G*.

I’ll also be over at the Samhain boards throughout the day doing some promo, so if you’re part of that e-mail loop, I’d love to chat!

Too hot to do a damn thing… Monday, Jun 27 2011 

Or at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves.  It was 109 Saturday, 110 on Sunday, and we’re forecast for a frigid 98 today, with a chance of thunderstorms.  And yet, because we’re morons, we spent almost all day Saturday in the back yard, pulling weeds and generally being dipshits.  Thank goodness we MacGyvered an old box fan with one of those misting hoses!

Heck, even the cats were smarter than us…they stayed inside all day and slept!

So how did you spend YOUR weekend?

Just three of those things Thursday, May 26 2011 

I was reviewing what I’d written for Shoot to Thrill today and found three very disturbing things…

1. I use the words “weird” and “hinky” waaaaaay too much
2. I actually have a character whose first name is the same as the heroine’s last name. Confusing much?
3. I replaced the last name “Grant” with “Jenkins” and found, on page 8, that something had been “Jenkinsed” instead of “granted”. sigh

Bidding Adeiu to Long-Running Series Monday, May 23 2011 

As much as it pains me to say it out loud, I think I’ve come to the end of reading ongoing, long-running series. I’m not talking interconnected romances…I’m good with those, but rather those books that have long and intricate storylines (usually urban fantasies). I still love the writing and the characters, but I just can’t keep track of the plots, not unless I want to limit myself to those books alone.

I read across multiple genres and categories, so keeping worldbuilding deets straight across several series is beginning to seem like work, and I’ve already got a day job, the Editorial Director gig and writing going on. How much does that suck?? I guess I just can’t justify spending the moola when my recall of the worldbuilding is foggy at best because I’ve read a dozen other books in the intervening year since the last book in the series came out. Does that make sense? Or am I being cranky *G*??

Need a week to recover from my weekend! Sunday, May 22 2011 

The hubster and I spent the entire weekend at our rental house, getting it ready for our new tenant.  I always forget how tired & sore painting makes me!  But, it’s all done, so now we can concentrate on puttering around our house for the upcoming long weekend.

On the writing front, I’ve got two more chapters to write on Shoot to Thrill and I’m done with the first draft!!  Already know where I’m going with them, so  hope to finish it this weekend, then print out the hard copy and flesh it out a bit more.

Join me at the Romantic Times Blog as I talk about men and women in uniform! Wednesday, Apr 27 2011

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