Thursday 13, My Netflix Queue Thursday, Jul 7 2011 

I’m right in the middle of watching the first disc of Season 4 of Eureka, in prep for the new season beginning next week, and figured this was a great time to update the Thursday 13 list with the top 13 in my Netflix queue…

  • Eureka, Season 4, Disc 2
  • Castle, Season 1
  • The King’s Speech
  • Inception
  • Zero Effect
  • Reservation Road
  • The Illusionist
  • 25th Hour
  • The Score
  • The Assassination of Jesse James
  • Sexy Beast
  • Traitor
  • Death at a Funeral

So what are YOU watching???


Thursday 13…my TBR List Thursday, Jun 23 2011 

Resurrecting an old theme to showcase the top 13 books I’ve got on my TBR pile (in reading order, because yes, I really AM that anal…sigh)

  • Bid for Love, Savannah Chase
  • Dark Deceptions, Dee Davis
  • This Side of the Grave, Jeaniene Frost
  • Unlocked, Courtney Milan
  • A Lot Like Love, Julie James
  • Eternal Rider, Larissa Ione
  • Song of Scarabaeus, Sara Creasy
  • Living on the Edge, Shannon K. Butcher
  • Deadly Dreams, Kylie Brant
  • Storm Kissed, Jessica Andersen
  • Strangers When We Meet, Merline Lovelace
  • The Search, Nora Roberts
  • Tangled, Jennifer Estep

Thirteen books on my TBR shelf (February update) Thursday, Feb 19 2009 

I just finished reading my RITA books, but here’s the latest and greatest update to my reading pile.  What really sucks is that I was too sick to read over the last two days (waaaah!)


  1. Night Life, Caitlin Kittredge
  2. Gale Force, Rachel Caine
  3. The Darkest Pleasure, Gena Showalter
  4. Cry Wolf, Patricia Briggs
  5. Shades of Dark, Linnea Sinclair
  6. King of Sword and Sky, CL Wilson
  7. The Face of Death, Cody McFadyen
  8. At Grave’s End, Jeaniene Frost
  9. Aussie Rules, Jill Shalvis
  10. Eye of the Beholder, Shari Shattuck
  11. To Taste Temptation, Elizabeth Hoyt
  12. Bloodfever, Karen Marie Moning
  13. Demon Night, MelJean Brook

Thirteen movies in my TBW queue (January update) Thursday, Jan 22 2009 

Thought I’d add my Netflix queue to the whole Thursday 13 gig ’cause I’m tres lazy and we’ve actually been using the service since football is ostensibly over!

  1. The Bourne Identity
  2. Citizen Kane
  3. There Will Be Blood (watched it Tues night…review on Monday!)
  4. Iron Man
  5. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
  6. Little Miss Sunshine
  7. Gone Baby Gone
  8. Crash
  9. The Constant Gardener
  10. A History of Violence
  11. Dexter: Season 1: Disc 1
  12. Reservation Road
  13. Appaloosa




Thirteen books on my TBR shelf (January update) Thursday, Jan 1 2009 

Thirteen books on my TBR shelf (January update)

Got a bunch of reading done over the holidays, as well as starting and failing to get into some of the books that had been on my TBR shelf.  So here’s the latest and greatest!


  1. Night Life, Caitlin Kittredge
  2. The Killing Hour, Lisa Gardner
  3. Gale Force, Rachel Caine
  4. Blood Brothers, Nora Roberts (read this last night in the tub!!)
  5. The Hollow, Nora Roberts
  6. The Pagan Stone, Nora Roberts
  7. The Darkest Pleasure, Gena Showalter
  8. Cry Wolf, Patricia Briggs
  9. Shades of Dark, Linnea Sinclair
  10. King of Sword and Sky, CL Wilson
  11. Show No Mercy, Cindy Gerard
  12. Silent Run, Barbara Freethy
  13. The Face of Death, Cody McFadyen

13 Things to do before Thanksgiving… Thursday, Nov 20 2008 

Yeah, that many.  I apologize if it’s all over the board, but this is my life.  Sigh.  Here we go!

1.  Buy turkey and all the fixin’s (on the slate for this weekend)

2.  Make sure there’s NO Airman on our base who’s going to sit in the dorms, or their own apartment on Thanksgiving.  That’s a totally unforgivable lapse for any service member, retired or otherwise, whether they belong to your shop or not.  Jeesh…think I’m passionate about this one?

3.  Start finding and washing the “good” dishes (K-Mart “china” is just dandy for me, tho I ogle the fancy stuff every time I go into Dillards…just can’t equate cost with usage)

4.  Take cat to vet…yeah, I know, totally unrelated, but he’s due for a shave…this dude is FURRY!

5 & 6.  Finish edits on the two stories I’ve been working on

7.  Yucky day job stuff, like reconciling the referral management database (arrrrgh!) and sending out peer reviews to the docs

8.  Eyeball any pies that look good to the hubster and me…a baker I am NOT!

9.  Finish the fabulous (so far) book, Shadow Man, in a tub filled with bubbles…hopefully tonight!

10.  Catch up with some old friends I haven’t talked to in a bit (hint, hint…RINDA!)

11.  START my online Christmas shopping.  Yeah, I know a gazillion people are already done (at least those that could in this shitty economy), but I like to go season-by-season.  There’s something that’s innately “good” to me about shopping as the actual date approaches. Not sure why, but I’m just happier shopping that way, and as I creep past forty, I’ve found that happiness is sometimes more important than camping on a storefront’s doorstep to save $5.

12.  Take my truck in for a check-up before the first snowfall hits.  Yeah, this costs moola, but I’d rather be sure than calling AAA in three inches of snow!

13.  Talk to Mom…it’s been two weeks, and I’m missing her!

Thirteen books on my TBR shelf (November update) Thursday, Nov 13 2008 

Here’s the latest and greatest from my RWA stash and a few of the NRCA books from last year as well.  Between my physical stack of books and the ten or so I’ve got on my iPaq, I’ve only got 50 left to read…LOL!  And then there’s the other ten I’ve got set aside in my cart at Amazon for the hubster’s choosing pleasure at Christmas time…


  1. Night Life, Caitlin Kittredge
  2. Body Moves, Jodi Lynn Copeland
  3. Pleasures of the Night, Sylvia Day
  4. Thunder of Time, James F. David
  5. Hitting the Mark, Jill Monroe
  6. The Inquisitor, Gayle Wilson
  7. Because of a Boy, Anna DeStefano
  8. The Falls, Karen Harper
  9. Perfect Weapon, Amy Fetzer
  10. One More Time, Celia May Hart
  11. Foul Play, Tori Carrington
  12. The Killing Hour, Lisa Gardner
  13. Shadow Man, Cody McFadyen

Thirteen songs on my “Into the Fire” playlist Thursday, Oct 16 2008 

This book has been all about head-banging goodness, with my traditional favorites thrown in for good measure, because they put me in the writing mood.  Keep in mind I’m writing about firefighters and a serial arsonist, so they kinda make sense.


  1. Stupify, Disturbed
  2. Click, Click, Boom, Saliva
  3. Side of a Bullet, Nickelback
  4. Higher Ground, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  5. Deify, Disturbed
  6. So Cold, Breaking Benjamin
  7. Inside the Fire, Disturbed (yeah, I know, obvious choice, given the content)
  8. Bleed it Out, Linkin Park
  9. Selling the Drama, Live (one of my tried-and-true standard songs)
  10. Interstate Love Song, Stone Temple Pilots (same as above)
  11. Bodies, Drowning Pool
  12. All She Can See, Dishwalla (because it’s got a great bass beat)
  13. Hemorrhage (In My Hands), Fuel

Thirteen books on my TBR shelf (October update) Thursday, Oct 9 2008 

Here are yet more of my RWA Nationals stash *g*…  I’ve also decided to power through the erotic romances I got through the NRCA last year, so there are lots of them on here I wouldn’t traditionally read (I tend more toward romantic suspense, paranormals and fantasy in my pleasure reading)


  1. Night Life, Caitlin Kittredge
  2. The Darkest Kiss, Gena Showalter
  3. Scream for Me, Karen Rose
  4. Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas
  5. All the Pretty Girls, JT Ellison
  6. Complete Abandon, Cheryl Holt
  7. Shadow Dance, Julie Garwood
  8. Hands On, Amie Stuart
  9. Touch Me, Susan Lyons
  10. Body Moves, Jodi Lynn Copeland
  11. Pleasures of the Night, Sylvia Day
  12. Secrets, Volume 23, Various authors
  13. Wicked Ties, Shayla Black

Thirteen Books on my TBR Shelf (September Update) Thursday, Sep 18 2008 

Thirteen books on my TBR shelf (September update)

Here are yet more of my RWA Nationals stash *g*…


  1. White Heat, Cherry Adair
  2. Night Life, Caitlin Kittredge
  3. The Darkest Kiss, Gena Showalter
  4. Scream for Me, Karen Rose
  5. Sugar Daddy, Lisa Kleypas
  6. Skinny Dipping, Connie Brockway
  7. Highlander Untamed, Monica McCarty
  8. Shadows All Around Her, Catherine Mulvany
  9. Tag, You’re It, Penny McCall
  10. He Loves Me, He Loves Me Hot, Stephanie Rowe
  11. Almost a Goddess, Judi McCoy
  12. Behind Closed Doors, Tara Taylor Quinn
  13. Unpredictable, Eileen Cook

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