I’m Moving!! Monday, Jan 16 2012 

My super duper smothered in awesomesauce web manager has designed a new site for me and migrated my blog over there. From now on, everything can be found at: http://tlschaefer.com/wordpress Hope to see you there!!


War Horse…children’s book question Friday, Dec 23 2011 

So there’s all this buzz about the movie War Horse coming out on Christmas morning. I would SWEAR I read this as a child, and about a Civil War horse, not a WWI horse, so obviously not the 1982 book. Can anyone help me out? This is driving me nuts!

Yay! First snow of the year! Tuesday, Dec 6 2011 

We didn’t get much last night, but it was enuf to cover the ground (maybe .25 inch) and make it look purty!

Happy Thanksgiving, All! Thursday, Nov 24 2011 

This year I have so much to be thankful for. A loving husband and family. Fabulous friends. A day job that makes me hungry to “fix” things. A night job that lets my imagination run wild.
What are YOU thankful for??

Free Kindle Book! Baptism by Fire Tuesday, Nov 15 2011 

Woohoo! Baptism by Fire FINALLY got uploaded to Amazon as a free download! Grab it now at: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004ZG8QF6 and rate it (good or bad) please!!

Happy Halloween all!!! Monday, Oct 31 2011 

Heading off to work, but wanted to pop in and wish everyone a Happy Halloween! Can’t wait to sit on the steps and hand out candy tonight and get a look at all the fabulous costumes.

On a writing note, starting tomorrow I’ll be diving into NaNoWriMo, attempting to get my mojo back in full swing, so most of November will be quick updates on my status in that, and the continuation of Free Chapter Friday.

Have a GREAT week!!

On the road again… Tuesday, Aug 16 2011 

Leaving cooooool San Diego today after almost a week to head north to see my Mom. Been hugely relaxing and tiring at the same time…we had events in La Jolla, Huntington Beach, Julian and Coronado over 5 days. Whew!

Mariposa here we come!

Media Monday…Castle Monday, Aug 8 2011 

I picked this one up as one of the DVD options from my Netflix account (would have preferred it to be streaming, but oh well).  I fully expected to love this show for three reasons.  First, Nathan Fillion.  Second, the baseline story sounded cute.  Third, Nathan Fillion.

Unfortunately, even Captain Mal couldn’t make this a winner for me.  I think it was actually the way the heroine’s character was written that made me “bleh” more than anything.  I guess I just never saw the chemistry even begin to bloom between Rick and Kate, even on a platonic basis.  Yeah, I’m basing my “what this should look/feel like” on Bones, but still.

So, should I give it another chance?  If it’d been available streaming, I’d continue to give it a try, but since I have to wait for the DVD, and it’s hoovering up another of my choices, not so much.

Oklahoma is a bi-polar state Saturday, Aug 6 2011 

At least when it comes to weather (TOTALLY stole this from my next-door-neighbor Abby, BTW). You want proof? Today we broke the century mark…while it was raining. I shit you not. So far, up here in Northern Oklahoma, we’ve busted the century mark 52 times this year, and broken 34 records. IT. IS. THE. 6TH. OF. AUGUST.

Bi-polar indeed!

Won the trifecta last night! Wednesday, Jul 13 2011 

We got a nice continuous thunderstorm, then the clouds cleared up and I got my latest Amazon order that included adorable new flats loafers (for work) and books. What a perfect way to end a loooong day at work!

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